Quotes from Schools

"We were very impressed with the layout of the booklet, which will appeal to teenagers.  It is colourful with illustrations that get the point across without being didactic.  It is a pupil-friendly booklet giving lots of information and advice which everyone can comprehend."

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Child Protection UK Ltd - How We Got Started

It was hard finding the right employees to do this job, we needed people who were not only motivated but also dedicated and believed in changing and educating society's opinions on drug abuse.


After a long haul and many interviews later, we managed to find a team of eight people who fitted the bill. This formed the beginning of C.P.UK.Ltd, we knew at this point we were able to change lives.


In May 2005 business was growing and we decided to it was time to move to bigger premises due to a high demand for our books "From The Heart".


It took four weeks before we decided on which premises to go for. Arming our staff with paint and rollers, we set to work on the new premises. After seven gruelling days of cleaning, painting and putting together flat pack furniture (Angela takes all recognition for this because her fingers are still swollen), we finally managed to settle and concentrate on the job we set out to do.


So here we are in our new offices, which have enabled us to expand to a team of 20 campaign staff and 5 office staff.


Over 36000 companies have sponsored our campaign and we hope to double this by 2015. With your help and support we can try to create a better society for our children.


In the future we will hopefully be looking to take C.P.UK Ltd overseas to educate children from all different minorities on the effects of drugs and alcohol.


Our in depth research has shown there is a vast need for drugs and alcohol educational material for schools across Europe.




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