Quotes from Schools

"We were very impressed with the layout of the booklet, which will appeal to teenagers.  It is colourful with illustrations that get the point across without being didactic.  It is a pupil-friendly booklet giving lots of information and advice which everyone can comprehend."

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Code of Practice

At Child Protection UK Ltd, we hold the satisfaction of our customers in high regard. To ensure that we are able to keep our service optimal for our customers, we encourage that dissatisfied customers please leave a complaint so that we are able to improve our services for next time.

If you feel as if you are inclined to complain, for whatever the issue, you may contact us in one of the following ways:

  • • You can make a free telephone call to 0161 335 9289 during our operating hours of 9:45am to 2:45pm during week days.
  • • You can send us an e-mail at: webmaster@childprotectionukltd.co.uk.

  • • You can send your complaint via post to the following address, however this is not recommended: Unit 6, Nelson Business Centre, Nelson Street, Denton, M34 3ET

Please note that complaints or requests made via post will likely take much longer to be addressed than those made over phone or e-mail due to delivery times. It is due to this that we don’t recommend this method, however it is available if you so choose. We ask that if you do choose to use the postal method, you utilise the recorded delivery service so that you will be notified upon our reception of the complaint.

When contacting us, please ensure that you include the following details:
  • • Your name, business name and address of business.
  • • A number through which we can contact you.
  • • An e-mail address if applicable.
  • • A suggestion of what your ideal resolution to the problem would be.

If you have spoken to us previously about this complaint, please also include the name of anyone you have spoken to, as well as copies of previous conversations (if possible).

At Child Protection, we aim to be able to respond to your complaints via your chosen method within one working day. As previously mentioned, our operating hours are from 9:45am to 2:45pm from Monday to Friday. If we are unable to resolve your issue within the given time-frame, we will contact you in order to update you on the given situation.

If you are dissatisfied with our product, or the service provided, we are able to provide a refund policy within seven days, via BACs payment, cheque or PayPal refund. The chosen method will be at discretion of the customer.

For information on your consumer rights, you can get free advice from your local citizens advice bureau, consumer advice centre, local authority trading standards or consumer protection department. You’ll find their contact details in the local telephone directory, or you can ask for them at your town hall or local authority offices.

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